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Change gon’ come

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Looking back at my past ten years in the Internet industry I have changed job roles a few times. In the past as I have evolved professionally it has always been gradually and more or less without much afterthought. Moving forward there has not been a clear road map which has suited my spirit but also made it hard to see when I have hit a dead end. Ultimately at my own varied pace I have now reached my next step. This time it´s a deliberate and more prepared shift. It feels like a larger leap, slightly scary as I am partly expected to perform on a higher academic level than before. It is also exciting and energizing as I do not doubt having the practical experience needed and I know I have the support from my employer to reach my goals. Continue reading if you’re curious as to what I´m up to.

As of this fall my new job title at Söderhavet will be User Experience Designer. To many around me User Experience (abbreviated UX) is either an unknown or at best a vague term. Why? Well it actually is a vague term in that it has such a large scope (more on definitions at a later date). For this reason it became apparent early on in the process that a clear and specific work description would be absolutely necessary. Given that many of my coworkers already are varied levels of experts in some of the fields included in User Experience Design we decided to focus on areas where we need added expertise or where we lacked focus. I have also prepared myself by doing a hefty amount of reading and attending seminars/courses on the subject and its related fields (I will be adding my read list to the blog). Furthermore working out good activities and deliverables for internal and client use (still a work in progress) will hopefully make this venture a success.

This blog is meant to follow me on my explorations into the field of User Experience Design. If you feel like joining me I will also be updating more frequently on Twitter. Feel free to comment and participate with thoughts and advice as I learn and share my gathered knowledge and mistakes. A lot of what I will write about might seem somewhat redundant to many but given the state of most of the Internet more resources preaching a pragmatic approach to web usability, interaction design, enjoyability, accessibility and… (the list goes on) wont hurt but rather be a good thing. Thanks for reading, now go ahead and wish me luck in the comments below. I do think I´ll need it.

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    As requested: good luck.

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