UI Design Patterns – 2009-11-03

Mega Drop-Down Menus

Apparently I´ve been living in a cave during 2009. Just now have I found out that drop-down menus are all the rage. Not your ordinary everyday drop-downs mind you. This years model is non other than the Mega Drop-Down Menu. I reacted to a particularly large one earlier this week when Norwegian oil company Statoil launched their new site. Curious as to why they choose this type of navigation Google and designfollow led me to an article about these navigational menus at Jakob Nielsen´s Alert box. Although my initial reaction was not entirely positive (to put it mildly), surprisingly Nielsen´s usability studies show that these drop-downs work. Have a look at Soh Tanaka´s excellent post on how to build one if you feel the urge to create something “mega”.

3 Comments on “Mega Drop-Down Menus”

  1. 1: Johan Mogren said at 13:20 on November 5th, 2009:

    Nice, I immediately got som ideas. Works well actually, I must have been living in a cave nearby.

  2. 2: Roberto said at 11:41 on November 6th, 2009:

    But most of them ar so fugly!

  3. 3: Martin Lenngren said at 09:06 on November 12th, 2009:

    Jag var med och tog fram samma sak för när jag jobbade där. Det kändes helt klart som den bästa navigationslösningen för deras behov. Jag vet att hade något liknande också, men det var ett tag sedan, vet inte om de har kvar den.

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