Personal – 2010-12-30

Sum of 2010

It is the last day of work this year. One could say that things are finally winding down a bit. There are four of us left in the office this afternoon. One swearing over a difficult stage in Angry Birds while the others appear to be wrapping things up. The rest of our co-workers are either on holiday or are have left early to prepare for their new years eve parties. I figured this would be a great moment to reflect over the year that passed.

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Personal – 2010-11-16

What do you do?

I step into the salon. The hairdressers are busy shortening and shaping their clients hair according to the latest fashions. All of them are engaged in conversations, talking about everything between heaven and earth. Still I am greeted by friendly smiles. I walk up to the register, one of the hairdressers apologizes to her client and comes over. I ask her if there is any possibility they can fit me in as I have an important meeting with a new client in the morning and am long overdue for a haircut.

-“Of course, have a seat. I will be ready in about fifteen minutes”.

Delighted I take a seat on one the modern square stools. None of the magazines available are of any interest so I listen in to the ongoing conversations.

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Personal – 2010-09-24

The obvious

Personal – 2009-10-31

Change gon’ come

Push the button
Looking back at my past ten years in the Internet industry I have changed job roles a few times. In the past as I have evolved professionally it has always been gradually and more or less without much afterthought. Moving forward there has not been a clear road map which has suited my spirit but also made it hard to see when I have hit a dead end. Ultimately at my own varied pace I have now reached my next step. This time it´s a deliberate and more prepared shift. It feels like a larger leap, slightly scary as I am partly expected to perform on a higher academic level than before. It is also exciting and energizing as I do not doubt having the practical experience needed and I know I have the support from my employer to reach my goals. Continue reading if you’re curious as to what I´m up to.

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