Social Media – 2009-11-19

I will follow you into…


Twitter has partially positioned itself as the social networking, idea and news spreading platform of choice for professionals. Even more so with the recent LinkedIn integration. Creating a separate Twitter account for your work related activities can be a good idea. In my case splitting work from private was an easy choice due to the obvious problems of mixing languages. Having a second account has also taught me something else. I´m beginning to see a pattern in the tweets by people I choose to follow out of professional reasons.

Most often I will look up people whose work I find inspiring in hope of them sharing some of their wisdom. However great work alone or working for a respected agency does not make much of a difference when it comes to clicking the follow button. If the sum of your recent tweets don’t have a certain balance or feel to them it´s just not going to happen. So what makes you interesting to follow? There are a lot of great guides out there on how to and how not to tweet. The emerging pattern I´m looking at consists mostly of my gut feeling which is not necessarily a bad thing after reading Malcolm Gladwell´s Blink and learning about the concept of thin slicing. Keep going for the full breakdown.

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